Seven Days Sober

  Early sobriety is a difficult time for many.  We have more questions than answers, and are often unsure of where to even start looking.  I started a series on my blog called Seven Days Sober to try and answer some of these questions, and to give concrete exercises for women to use in their early sobriety.  This page gathers the links to those posts in one spot for easy reference.  Please feel free to suggest things you would like answers to, and I will do my best to provide what information I can find.

I Feel Like I Slipped - What do drinking dreams mean and should we feel guilty for having one?
Get Your Zzz's Please! - Insomnia in early recovery doesn't have to lead to relapse

Managing Downtime - Boredom can be a strong trigger in recovery
Looking Forward - Having something to look forward to is important in maintaining a positive outlook
HALT! - Being Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired can threaten your recovery
Tackling Irrational Beliefs - Using Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy to fight relapse
Thoughts Become Cravings - Thought-stopping techniques
Worry Journaling - Dealing with worries in a positive and constructive way
Addictive Behaviors - Behavioral warning signs of potential relapse
Withdrawal Symptoms, part one - A list of alcohol withdrawal symptoms for very early sobriety
Triggers - Recognizing what triggers you to drink
Knowing Your "No"
- Establishing the ways you will say "no" to alcohol

You may also find this file useful. 

Early Recovery and Relapse Prevention - Discusses setting up a toolkit and creating a relapse prevention plan
(PDF format)

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